Bradford Roof Management brings top-level experience and advanced technical knowledge to every roofing project.


Bradford Roof Management consults with owners across the country using RoofIntel©, a proprietary software that builds custom, long-term maintenance and replacement programs for clients with roof assets of every size and type.

Consulting Services
  • Onsite roof asset inspection: identify type, size, condition, estimate remaining lifespan, document repairs needed (current, future)
  • Prepare AutoCAD drawings for each roof (annually)
  • Develop multi-year maintenance/replacement plan for each roof by section using RoofIntel©, our proprietary roof management software
  • Perform construction oversight from pre-bid to project delivery
  • Maximize roof asset lifecycle through long term planning and budgeting
  • Eliminate crisis management and unexpected expense
  • Forecast and prioritize repair/replacement by individual roof section
  • Improve performance and reduce cost of ownership
  • Achieve full roof depreciation
Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance is monitored and documented by QA trained personnel who are onsite daily. This ensures compliance with plans and specs and identifies unforeseen problems which may arise. Any issues which arise outside the contract base bid are tracked daily by QA and reported, helping protect the owner from unwarranted change orders.

Infrared Inspection Technology

Bradford Roof Management has the ability to conduct non-destructive infrared scanning to detect moisture within the roof system using advanced thermal imaging cameras.

Software by Bradford Roof Management

Developed by Bradford Roof Management, RoofIntel® is a proprietary roof management software program used to build custom, long-term maintenance plans and budgeting models for clients with roof assets of every size and type. Proactively managing roofing assets maximizes the life of the roof and ultimately saves money.

Inspection. Service. Maintenance.

Roofing repairs can be costly.

Bradford Roof Management will assess the current state of a roof and bring it up to maintainable condition, if necessary. Our engineers re-inspect the roof annually to assure performance.

Inspection and Maintenance Services
  • Initial onsite roof inspection and written estimate detailing the repair and maintenance requirements identified
  • Execute the repairs per our initial proposal to bring roof up to a maintainable condition for succeeding years
  • Initiate annual schedule for roof inspection with agreed upon not-to-exceed price.
  • Perform annual roof inspections as previously agreed and scheduled, provide written report identifying deficiencies and repairs completed
  • If a repair or issue arises that will exceed our not-to-exceed pricing, we will provide an estimate prior to proceeding with that repair
  • Identify and address negative issues before they become catastrophic
  • Increase the roofing lifespan
  • Save money through regularly scheduled maintenance
  • Proactively serve owners in unserved and underserved communities
  • Provide pre- and post-building purchase inspections for asset planning

Commercial Roofing

Every structure is different.

Our professionals will analyze your building from the roof to the foundation to determine which roofing system will deliver the highest performance based on the design, materials, insulation, and overall usage.

New Roof Plans and Specifications

Bradford generates precise, straightforward, and clean roofing plans specifically designed for the project. This provides for tighter bidding and no gray areas.

  • Roof system design based on building type and regional location
  • Detailed specifications are documented for the specific area being re-roofed
  • Roof plans and associated rooftop equipment drawn to scale in AutoCAD
  • Details specific to area being roofed drawn in AutoCAD
  • Pre-qualify local contractors
  • Conduct onsite pre-bid meeting and walk-through with contractors
  • Conduct onsite pre-construction meeting with awarded contractor and owner
  • Conduct final audit of completed roof project and provide punch list items with photo documentation
The Right Roofing System for Your Project, Installed by Experienced Professionals
  • EPDM Membrane Systems
  • PVC Systems
  • BUR Systems
  • Modified Bitumen Systems
  • Standing Seam Metal Systems
  • Custom Metal Fabrications
  • Liquid Applied Systems
  • Waterproofing Systems
  • Metal Roof Coatings
  • Slate
  • Tile
Bradford Roof Management is Certified by the Industry’s Top Manufacturers
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Our service technicians respond 24/7/365 for emergency repairs on any type of roofing system, in any weather.