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Fourth Generation Family Enterprise

Bradford Roof Management was established in 1942 when Harry Bradford purchased a local roofing company in Billings, Montana. In the early years, Harry along with his crew of WWII veterans worked in Montana until winter set in, after which Harry closed shop and traveled to San Diego to work, returning to Montana the following spring to resume operations.

In 1956, a massive hailstorm hit Billings. Recognizing his father’s “administrative workload,” estimating and managing work, Harry’s son, John – having learned the business from the ground up at an early age – left his fulltime career at Mobile Oil to join his father operating and modernizing the business. Harry retired in 1966 and John succeeded his father as President.

John’s son, Tom, joined the company as the third generation in the 1980s. In July 2021, Tom became sole owner and President.

Jens and Jake Bradford, Tom’s sons, spent summers roofing and learning the trade through college. After graduating, both joined Bradford as the fourth generation, embracing the values and integrity that Harry Bradford modeled 80 years before.


Roof Asset Management & Consulting with RoofIntel®

John Bradford was heavily involved in the National Roofing Contractors Association (NRCA)and became President in the early 1980s. A nationally recognized expert on how to maximize the lifecycle of a roof, John pioneered a consulting program and began working with owners to proactively manage their roofing assets.

John’s consulting plan became the blueprint for RoofIntel©, a proprietary roof management software program developed by Bradford Roof Management.

Bradford’s engineers use RoofIntel© to build custom, long-term maintenance and budgeting plans for clients with roof assets of every size and type. Proactively managing roofing assets maximized the life of the roof and ultimately saves money.

Advanced Roofing Systems Expertise

There are many different roofing systems – how can owners know which is the best option for their building?

The team at Bradford has the professionalism, knowledge, experience, and leading edge training with roofing systems technologies past and present. In initiating a new or replacement roofing system, our estimators assess the use of and design of a building to determine which roofing system will deliver the highest level of performance and longevity.

Infrared Inspection Technology

If an existing roof has a potentially wet insulation system or decking, Bradford uses advanced thermal imaging which can detect moisture within the roofing system or building envelope to determine the extent of the damage without having to breech the integrity of the roof.

Underlying Structural Viability

When a roof has been scheduled for replacement, all old materials are removed and properly disposed. The decking is then thoroughly inspected to ensure viability. If there is any sign of rot or deteriorated building components, any substandard materials are replaced prior to the installation of the new roofing system.



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